Whispers of the Bayou by Mindy Starns Clark (2018) WOTB Cover

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The Whiskey Springs Series by JA Armstrong (2018)

Open Tab (Whiskey Springs Book 1) OT Cover

Available at Audible

The Office Intrigue Series by Nicole Edwards (2018) 

Office Intrigue (Office Intrigue Volume 1)  Officecover


Intrigued out of the Office (Office Intrigue Volume 2)IOTO Cover


The Adventures on Terra Series by R.A. Mejia (2017-2018)

Beginnings (Book 1)      Terra cover

Available at Audible.

Escape (Book 2)   Escapecover

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Rescue (Book 3)

(coming soon)

The Project Alpha series by R.A. Mejia (2018)

Project Alpha (Book 1)   PAcover

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What’s Making Our Children Sick?: How Industrial Food IsWMOCScover Causing an Epidemic of  Chronic Illness, and What Parents (and Doctors) Can Do About It (2018)

by Dr. Michelle Perro, Vincanne Adams


The Wallis Jones Series by Martha Carr (2016-2017)

The List Conspiracy (Wallis Jones Book 1)   TLC Cover

Available at Audible.

The Traitor’s Revenge (Wallis Jones Book 2) TTR

Available at Audible.

The Keeper Returns (Wallis Jones Book 3)  Keeper cover

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The Circle Rises (Wallis Jones Book 4)  TheCircleRisesCover

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The Watcher’s Revolt (Wallis Jones Book 5) TWRcover

The Butterfly Effect (Wallis Jones Book 6)

(Coming Soon)

The Moore the Merrier (Moore Romance Book 2.5) (2017) Moorecover

by Alex Miska and V. Soffer; co-narrated with Sean Lenhart

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The Belle vs the BDOC by Amy Jo Cousins (narrating as J.A. Rock) (2017) Bellecover

Available at Audible.

Minotaur by J.A. Rock (narrating as J.A. Rock) (2017) Mincover

Available at Audible.

Razor Wire by Lauren Gallagher (2016)    RW cover

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Genevieve: Bride of Nevada by Cynthia Woolf (2016)    Genevieve cover

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